Creative Arts Therapy for individuals and groups.
Finding ways to thrive. Together.


Hi, I'm Jessie

I’m an artist and a professionally registered Creative Arts Therapist. I work with a range of people to engage, explore and express their experience in creative ways, using a range of creative arts modalities.

I believe that there is an inherent connection between the creative arts, the process of making it and engaging with it and our sense of self, our wellbeing, our ways of connecting with others. I feel that the arts can be deeply personal, but are universally relatable.

I believe that by engaging in the creative arts we connect with our preverbal and pre-reflective self and detach ourselves from the limits of using verbal language and cognition as a way to communicate or make sense of things.

I work in ways to support people to learn more about themselves and provide a space for exploration through the arts, where people can make sense of how they live and consider how they might prefer to live.

The making of art grounds our body in the present moment and by sharing our experiences through art we cultivate the potential to bring people together in profound ways and express ideas about our shared humanity.

Creative arts allow for the expression of multiple interpretations of the world simultaneously, allowing us to layer narratives and meanings in an effort to make sense of our experiences in a new way. Finding ways to share the arts and arts making helps us understand that we are all participatory sentient beings, who experience the world and make meaning in the context of our connection to each other.



Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of New South Wales

Masters of Therapeutic Arts practice. (Community Arts) 
MIECAT institute


What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.
— Carl Jung

Creative Arts Therapy explores and observes feelings and experiences through the creative process of Arts making. This could be through, music, sound, movement, writing or art making.


  • Promotes self-exploration, esteem, understanding, and awareness.

  • Puts difficult thoughts, feelings and words into an art form, bringing it out of the body and creating a tangible object that can be explored. Big emotions can feel contained as they are held safely outside the body in the representation.

  • Gives people a way to communicate their story in their own language, giving them ownership of what feels relevant to them.

  • Arts making is meta-verbal, it sits beyond words and more often arrives before them. It engages a whole body way of experiencing that often is sidelined by the rational, cognitive functions of our neo cortex.

  • The use of the materials themselves, can be therapeutic.

  • It can be liberating, as there are no rules. It’s a way to explore and play, without needing to start straight away with an answer. 

  • There is no judgement of good or bad art, just an expression. The representation is not thought of as a product, it’s a form of communication. It doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing, finished or valuable.

  • Orientates you into the present moment. Seeing what is there for you in your current space. In this way it can reduce moments of anxiety or sensations linked with trauma.



I work in different settings with a range of people to engage, explore and express their experience in creative ways, using a broad spectrum of creative arts modalities.


One on One sessions

Working with individuals to engage and explore meanings and experiences.


Small group workshops

Working with small groups to create a safe and inclusive environment to learn with and from each other.


Community Arts projects

Working in public and private spaces to build and reconnect communities through the Arts.


The mix of activities was great. The facilitator did a great job of facilitating reflective discussions.
— Workshop participant
Very good at checking in with people’s experiences. Please come again.
— Workshop participant
Created a safe, relaxed space, exuded genuine curiosity and passion. Overall the workshop was amazing! great feedback from staff and I saw it as facilitating some great bonds.
— Team Leader and workshop participant


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